Crispy Baby corn!

How cute do those cute little baby corn fritters even look! Baby corn itself is a  delicacy, but when it has been prepped to look like a golden wand, it looks fabulous and tastes even better.

So well this week end, I thought I should widen my cooking arena for a bit and try to experiment with new flavors and new foods…

So I decided to pick the trustee baby corn off the shelf of the supermarket, in my mind I was very clear what I wanted!

To make this you will need a  few things –

corn flour



chili powder



Oil for frying!

I made a relatively small batch of about 12 baby corn and I had some more of the batter left over, so you can vary the batter quantity depending upon your serving size and portions.

Anyways, first I cut the baby corn into half, vertically. Then the next step would be to keep the baby corn on the stove to boil. So whilst it is boiling we can move on to the next step of making the paste.

First you need to add half a cup of flour to a big mixing bowl. Then 2 table spoons of corn flour. After that you need to add in around 1 tsp of chili powder and salt to taste.

Now that you have all your dry ingredients combined, it is time to put in all your wet ingredients. Put in around half cup of butter milk. the butter milk has to be really thick in consistency. This will help to retain a good texture to the batter. Then add water as required to make the batter of a runny consistency.

This will make it way easier to coat the baby corn rather thinly in the batter.

Now that your batter is ready, go on and drain the baby corn once they have boiled.

Keep the oil on the stove to heat up. Whilst that is happening prepare your system for some deep frying.

Then when the oil is hot, it is time for you to dip the baby corn into the batter until it is fully coated and then put it into the oil.

Now fry it till it is golden brown. It doesn’t not have to cook the baby corn as we have already taken care of that previously…

Now go on and put the fried baby corn crispy onto a paper towel in order to drain off all the excess oil.

Now you have a yummy dish waiting to be eaten. Serve hot and crisp with chili sauce, for an added tang and zest of flavor!

It looks somewhat like this-

Image result for golden fried baby corn

Not so decorative though, this is a Google replacement picture for mine…

Mine looked more so ” a little bit made at home style” to be fair!


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